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Insights on 5G: The Era of 5G is Coming

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-08-10 14:14:48| Author: Li Lin Xu

Wu Hequan

Wu Hequan (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering): In developed countries, informationization is followed after industrialization. In China, informationization is carried out while industrialization is still ongoing. In this respect, it is our disadvantage,and also our advantage to achieve leapfrog development. Compared with the previous generations of mobile communications, 5G’s high-bandwidth and low delay is suitable to and applicable in industry applications, which can bring new changes and improvement opportunities for China’s industrial chain and make contributions to China’s high quality development.

Ma Hongbing

Ma Hongbing (General Manager of the Technology Innovation Department at China Unicom): 5G has already proved its value in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing great benefits to many industries such as healthcare and education. At present, the integration among 5G and various industries has entered a critical period, thus calling for more intensive cultivation in every application and scenario.

Vasily Pushkov

Vasily Pushkov (Director of International Cooperation, Sputnik News Agency and Radio): Extensive use of 5G will be the beginning of a new development stage for both the Internet and the media. Thanks to a faster and higher capacity Internet, global media will be able to not only speed up information release but also to monitor the audience’s response in real time. The technology will also give a boost to new formats, in particular, immersive news content.

Wang Guirong

Wang Guirong (General Manager of the Technology Innovation Department at China Telecom): By adhering to 5G standalone network path (SA), 5G indigenous innovation, 5G co-construction and sharing, and 5G+cloud-network integration, China Telecom is striving to transform 5G from the biggest opportunity to the maximum increment in high-quality development.

Duan Xiaodong

Duan Xiaodong (Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute): The core objective of 5G is to serve all walks of life. To achieve this goal, the network is the foundation. The standard and technology of 5G is still developing and evolving. 5G-Advanced will define new goals and capabilities for 5G future development.

Zeng Yong

Zeng Yong (President of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China): There are three big challenges in the future development of 5G, and they are business models, application deployment and technology. To tackle these challenges, the synergy and cooperation of industry-university-research is needed, in which universities can play an important role.


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