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Intelligence agency overwhelms science in U.S. virus origin tracing

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-08-24 10:14:05| Author: Staff Reporters

The U.S. intelligence agencies have always spoken for national interests at important junctures and draw conclusions that the country needs. Their investigations focus on political cooperation, not on objective facts. As long as they complete their political tasks, no one will seriously pursue the truth.

The U.S. intelligence agencies have been playing a vital role in political manipulation, assassination, and conducting military operations against foreign countries. For example, the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the accusation of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which were later proved to be groundless.

Although Trump, who has been hyping conspiracy theories that COVID-19 had emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, stepped down, there are still many standing for conspiracy theories in the U.S., and Biden almost followed his predecessor’s strategy after inauguration.

Topics are often approached with preconceived notions about what the U.S. would like the truth about them to be, based on political stances, and the intelligenceagencies then seek out “facts” that prove those notions.

The U.S. government took advantage of the epidemic to set up issues, increase ideological divides, label the virus, and stigmatize China. Because by doing so, the U.S. can shirk the responsibility for its ineffective prevention and control of the epidemic, and it can also create public opinion for attacking China.

The intelligence community remains firmly divided over whether the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab or jumped naturally from animals to humans in the wild, according to CNN, and little new evidence has emerged to move the needle in one direction or another.

Whereas, as the 90-day intelligence review into the COVID-19 origins ordered by U.S. President Joe Biden is counting down, the intelligence agency must be busy preparing this report of great importance.

Although the scientific community has repeatedly given opinions that the Wuhan laboratory virus leak is groundless, some U.S. officials are determined to scapegoat China and pin their hopes on intelligence agencies. They would rather listen to the intelligence than authoritative and objective origin tracing research, which is self-deceptive, pathetic and ridiculous.


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